Words from the Master - Gautama Buddha

Whi is Gautama BuddhaEnter into the Congruency of the Great Dharmakaya
“Therefore, let us understand and receive the meditation of the rings of the Causal Body, the mighty spheres of Light. O most beloved ones, if you should one day enter into the congruency of the great Dharmakaya, into the heart of hearts of the I AM THAT I AM, you will then be in the presence of and come to know those great and mighty spheres of the Causal Body of God.
Beloved Gautama Buddha
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 35, No. 41, October 7, 1992

Violet Flame Decrees are also Buddhist Mantras
“Yes, my beloved, we seek the conversion of those who have lost the way of the path of Buddhism, and we seek that conversion by the violet flame. Thus in this moment I make your candles glow as violet flames that these souls might come to understand that your violet flame decrees are also Buddhist mantras.” Beloved Gautama Buddha
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 37, No. 5, January 30, 1994

Karma and Dharma of the Soul
“In that hour of trial, remember the Bo-tree, and let your refuge and your strength come from God on high, who has set his seal upon you to be the Buddha of the law. Every erg of energy that seems to be the adversary must be counted as karma and as the dharma of the soul. Consider then the law of cause and effect. Consider that you yourself have sown the wind and that if you would enter in to the fiery core of being, you must first reap the whirlwind.” Beloved Gautama Buddha
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 18, No. 24, June 15, 1975

Words from the Master – Lord Maitreya

Who is Maitreya?

Glimpse the Golden Sun of Higher Spheres
“I place before you a vast panorama of the heaven-world in the highest octaves of the etheric plane. I open the doors to this vista that you might see that there are many, many accomplished Bodhisattvas who have taken the Bodhisattva vow and therefore have not taken their ascension. They await the day and the hour in a vast future time and space when they may reembody, six hundred years after a golden age should manifest on earth if that golden age shall indeed manifest.” Beloved Lord Maitreya
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 43, No. 48, November 26, 2000

Let Violet Flame Go Out and Meet Tomorrow’s Karma

“If you cannot find any karma descending upon your head today, then give the violet flame and let the violet flame go out and meet tomorrow’s karma and the next day’s karma and the next year’s karma and clear the way until the entire circumference of your universe is cleared of that karma and you are free to act purely as the bodhisattva.”Beloved Lord Maitreya
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 35 No. 42, October 11, 1992

Find that Living Teacher in Your Own Christ Self or Buddha Self

“When darkness increases in the land, it is time to pursue that golden path. It is time to understand that all that is real is the oneness of the soul with the living Teacher. Find that living Teacher in any one of or all the heavenly hosts. Find that living Teacher in your own Christ Self or Buddha Self.” Beloved Lord Maitreya
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 37, No. 14, April 3, 1994

Words from the Master – Padma Sambhava

Who is Padma SambhavaThe Law of your Own Mighty I AM Presence
“Do not fear before the Law of your own Mighty I AM Presence. For the Law that is able to defend thee from all harm must likewise, then, be all-powerful and omniscient, all-knowing and in the presence of the joy of perfect love!” Beloved Padma Sambhava
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 25, No. 20, May 16, 1982

Give Obeisance to the Beloved Gautama Buddha
“Know that it is the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha, who does keep the vigil of the threefold flame in the secret chamber of your heart. As you retire, then, to that chamber for meditation and prayer, remember to give obeisance to the beloved Gautama Buddha. He is the sponsor of worlds untold and of our service to all life on planet earth.” Beloved Padma Sambhava
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 38, No. 36, August 20, 1995

Words from the Master – Vairochana

Who is Varochina?Karma Balancing is Joyous
“Karma balancing is joyous. When you serve El Morya, Saint Germain, Jesus and the splendid ones of Light who minister to you, each and every day you balance great karma. You balance karma by putting your hand to the plow of publishing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, thereby making it possible for millions on earth to benefit from the teaching that you send forth.”Beloved Vairochana
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 37, No. 3, January 16, 1994

Take the High Road, Beloved
“Try it, beloved ones! Try being strict with yourselves. Try following the disciplines of the Buddhas and see how quickly you will come to know your victories and how you will soon leave off the self-indulgences that have already caused you to tarry on earth too many tens of thousands of years. Take the high road, beloved. For that is the road where I shall meet you.” Beloved Vairochana
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 37, No. 3, January 16, 1994

Words from the Master – The Five Dhyani Buddhas

Who are the Five Dyhani Buddhas?Study, Then, These Teachings
“Study, then, these teachings. Study them, beloved. The understanding of self-transcendence on this path is a manifestation that comes to some, but to very few. Others try to internalize this action. Know this, then, that the coming of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, or of one or three, is a signal that stars in the heavens descend to bring higher realms of consciousness to you.”The Five Dhyani Buddhas
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 42, No. 9, February 28, 1999

These are Days of Joy and Darkness
“Know, then, that these are days of joy and darkness. These are days of turmoil; these are days when much will come to the surface. And you will know and understand what is to be done and ultimately what needs to be done if all who serve Saint Germain will take up the calling of the violet flame and move toward great heights of light.”The Five Dhyani Buddhas
Pearl of Wisdom, Vol. 42, No. 9, February 28, 1999

Words from the Master – Kuan Yin

Who is Kuan Yin?Call Upon the Law of Forgiveness
“If you would be forgiven, beloved, [you must] first recognize that it is you who have transgressed against God. Call upon the law of forgiveness. See yourself drenched in a holy unguent of purple fire, in a balm of violet ray. See yourself receiving that mercy in proportion as you give it, for it is the Law [that you will reap mercy only as you sow mercy].” Beloved Kuan Yin
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 34, No. 58, November 17, 1991

Mercy is a Power of Endowment
“Mercy is a power of endowment. For to give Mercy endows you with power–the power of complete soul liberation whereby you let go and the temptation toward resentment or revenge or envy or covetousness is utterly consumed by your love for Mercy itself. Love for the flame of Mercy is love for the immortelles that blossom releasing the fragrance of the tender mercies of our God.”Beloved Kuan Yin
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 35, No. 16, April 19, 1992

Note: The Pearls of Wisdom® are messages from the immortal saints and sages known as the Ascended Masters who have fulfilled their reason for being and attained union with God. Now, from the realms of spirit, they guide us on the spiritual path so that we, too, can realize our highest potential.