Buddhists - The Chart of Your Divine Self

The Chart of Your Divine Self is a portrait of you and the spiritual reality within you.

The upper figure, or “I AM Presence,” represents the Dharmakaya, the timeless, permanent body of the Buddha. The I AM Presence is surrounded by seven concentric spheres of spiritual light, which some Buddhists know as the rainbow body. These spheres contain all the merit accrued over lifetimes of compassionate acts and right actions.

The middle body is your Higher Self, or Inner Buddha—your inner guru, voice of conscience and dearest friend. In this illustration, the Higher Self is depicted as the Inner Buddha abiding in the Body of Bliss, the Sambhogakaya. The shaft of white light descending from the I AM Presence to the lower figure in the Chart is the crystal cord, or vajra bridge, which ties you to the heart of the Almighty, to the heart of Buddha, and nourishes the seed of enlightenment within your heart.

The lower figure depicts you as a spiritual disciple, surrounded by the protective white light and the violet fire, a high-frequency spiritual energy that transforms the suffering of samsara into positive and loving energy. This figure correlates with the Nirmanakaya, the Buddha’s Body of Transformation.

Some Buddhists believe that devotees successively “put on” the three bodies of the Buddha and may experience all three simultaneously. This process corresponds to your integration with your Divine Reality and your final ascent to your God.