The Violet Flame

The violet flame is known as the mercy flame or the flame of forgiveness, as well as the freedom flame. This seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit can be called forth through prayer and mantra. The violet flame can be used to transmute, or change, any negative energy in our lives—for example, the energies of hatred, anger, discord and hardness of heart.

Devotees use it to transmute negative karma and to produce positive change in all areas of human endeavor, whether personal or planetary in scope. The following is a simple mantra from Saint Germain, the ascended master who introduced the violet flame to mankind, that can be used to bring the action of this powerful energy into your world:

I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires!

As you give this mantra, you can visualize this high-frequency energy of the violet flame erasing your problems, resolving burdens and liberating you from sadness or regret due to poor choices in the past.

Adapted from Keys to the Kingdom and New Dimensions of Being, Summit University Press, 2003

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